The Flavor Bomb—an Innovative Beer Conditioning Widget is Now Available to Homebrewers

For the past year, the Grand Canyon Brewing Company has quietly been working on an invention that will revolutionize the craft beer industry; they call it the Flavor Bomb—a patent pending, beer conditioning flavor widget—the longer it’s left in a bottle of beer, the better the flavor.

The Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s patent-pending Flavor Bomb design packs a punch of flavor. Now, the same technology used to condition Shaggy Bock, Coffee Bean Stout and Hop Bomber IPA is being made available to homebrewers in Arizona and throughout the country.

“The Flavor Bomb sits somewhere between the Guinness nitro widget and Stone’s Enjoy By IPA series in terms of maximizing the beer drinkers experience. It changes the beer aging timeframe, compresses the flavor sweet spot. As a brewer, I can think of dozens of different ingredients that could be added at bottling time. It’s exciting and it was invented right here in Arizona,” said Rob Fullmer, president, Arizona Society of Homebrewers.
But what is a Flavor Bomb exactly and why will homebrewers enjoy using it?

John Peasley, owner of the Grand Canyon Brewing Company; explains, “With the Flavor Bomb, you can add new flavor profiles by packing it full of complimentary spices, woods and other flavorful ingredients. Its thin bullet like design allows for easy insertion into beer bottles and its breathable holes let the flavors seep. The longer the Flavor Bomb stays in the beer a more intense flavor that is extracted.”

The Flavor Bomb is available now at local homebrewing stores throughout Arizona as well as online. For more information about the technology behind the Flavor Bomb and to order it for use in homebrewing visit